Online security

On this website we provide a guide to the internet for all the family – from how to use it to issues of security.

Privacy and Security

Hackers, spyware, virus, Trojans, Hijackers. Sound like something from the latest sci-fi blockbuster to you?

They are all out there, and no matter how difficult it is for you to understand the mentality of people who do these things, ignore them at your peril.  Your security, especially if you hold sensitive or personal information on your computer should be of concern.

New users are particularly vulnerable as they assume the internet is  'plug in and play' but you need to protect yourself against the attempts to breach your privacy which WILL happen, people WILL be snooping around in your computer without your knowledge or consent, they WILL send you system crippling viruses, they WILL be spying on your internet activities, even recording every letter you type on your keyboard and they WILL install software which is difficult to remove, that will make sure you only see their commission earning advertisements.

How to protect your computer

In order for someone to invade your privacy they must first get into your computer. This access can be done secretly through various ports and connections to your computer, this can be achieved simply by being connected to the internet with an unprotected PC. Others take a more direct route and although unknowingly, you allow them into your computer when you download their software, view a web page or open their e-mail.

 The methods being adopted are getting increasingly advanced, so are their attempts to avoid detection, they usually include some form of deception, coming packaged behind something apparently useful, needed or desirable.