Security - Guide to the internet

Web security in a business

Employees going onto inappropriate websites will often be a worry to organizations of different sizes, but the increasing presence of dangerous applications on desktops and the usage of instant messaging have also considerably raised companies' risks:

  • 30% of peer-to-peer message requests are for pornographic downloads
  • 45% of IT managers claimed that viruses have had a negative impact on their business’ network
  • 1 in 3 corporations have spy protection on their networks
  • 90% of companies underwent hacker attacks in the last year
  • 70% of all online porn traffic occurs during working hours

You can be proactive and versatile in managing internet use within your business at the internet gateway, across the network and on the computer.

Some products increase employee internet productivity and secure businesses from emerging internet threats by offering a proactive critical security element that complements normal security solutions. Only one company delivers flexible, integrated policy enforcement at the internet gateway, at the desktop and on the network.

Overseas web security

Internet law differs overseas and if you’re moving to another country such as New Zealand, it is one of the things you should take into account, along with healthcare, moving possessions and other laws.

The company’s products integrate with a wide range of industry leading security and network products including firewalls, proxy servers, caches, switches, routers, and appliances. Websense products have been thoroughly tested and certified to work seamlessly with all major security and network products.